• Question: how can a school gower Invest a business when on holiday

    Asked by sharline1 to Peter, Jonathan, Grace, Doris, David, Ann on 4 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Peter Macharia

      Peter Macharia answered on 4 Jun 2019:

      @ 975bmay33

      You need to identify a need within your area(gap) that is viable within a short time when you are at home. Discuss it with a person who can support with capital like a family member. You need to make sure it does not take most of your time as you may need to revise during the holiday

    • Photo: Jonathan Abuga

      Jonathan Abuga answered on 4 Jun 2019:

      Investing in a business is a good thing, but when done at the right time – maybe not during holidays. However, I understand that life circumstances could be challenging; I remember one of my best friends in high school who owned grocery to pay school fees because he was an orphan. I will not advise starting a business if you all your basic needs are provided by the parent/guardian. I would rather advise assisting your parents/guardians if required by them to do so. Students, however, should invest all their time and resources to study for maximum return – gain adequate knowledge and pass their examinations. This shall then open an opportunity for even greater investments at a future date. However, a student with divided attention is likely to fail both in business and in school

    • Photo: Grace Kago

      Grace Kago answered on 6 Jun 2019:

      hmm.. it is hard to invest in a business whilst on holiday because it takes quite a bit of time and effort to build a successful business.

      One approach might be to partner with a family member/someone you know with a business and invest in a mini-business within the business. More specifically, one could provide a new service/opportunity within an already existing business.. Some examples are: Supposing you know someone with a hair saloon, then a student could start a small shoe shining business next to the saloon that you could run when you are on holiday..or a child care service where you teach small children to sing or draw, or something like that for mothers who have come to get their hair done.. Alternatively, if you know of a restaurant where there are usually long queues, maybe a group of students could have a business where the students stand in line for customers while the customer rests nearby etc,.

      The key is: a business that is easy to start and stop is best for someone with limited time like a student on holiday 🙂