• Question: i would like to be a paedetrician which sciences am I supposed 2 take? What advantages and disadvantages are associated with this career?

    Asked by 977bm1926 to Peter, Jonathan, Grace, Doris, David, Ann on 30 May 2019.
    • Photo: Grace Kago

      Grace Kago answered on 30 May 2019:

      – I will leave my colleagues who are in the medical profession to answer the question re: which courses to take.
      – with regard to advantages and disadvantages: at the end of the day, the career that you pick ought to be one that takes advantage of skill-sets that you already have, a passion that you possess, and a way to help society. Some advantages I can imagine are that it is deeply rewarding and fulfilling. Some disadvantages are that it is very rigorous and might require deep sacrifices on your part in order to achieve it! However, as they (not 100% sure who this attributed to) say, “everything worth having is hard work, and nothing worth having is easy”

    • Photo: Ann Kinyua

      Ann Kinyua answered on 31 May 2019:

      Biology and Chemistry are critical in helping you understand how the body functions and how medications work. Physics is usually a good add on. It helps one understand laws that govern the chemical components of our bodies and drugs.
      Social sciences are important too, to help you understand and predict human behaviour. In paediatrics you will deal with adolesiand these require a lot of social and psychological support.

      Advantages and disadvantages…..wow, that’s quite subjective. Depends on what you decide to see as an advantage. For example, children cannot articulate well their symptoms. Neonates and toddlers will just cry! Or not feed. Or just be dull. Imagine having to get a diagnosis when the only symptom is dullness. While this is frustrating and can seem as a disadvantage, over years, to aid in diagnosis, protocols have been worked on that make diagnosis in paediatrics a bit more straightforward and uniform. The range of products used on children is also smaller than for adults.

      If a child’s condition is caught early, the response is fast.recovery from fractures is faster in children. However, a slight delay in intervention for a child can also cause quick deterioration for example, dehydration will kill a child faster than an adult.

      There’s something amazing about being hugged by a child who was unwell and has recovered, it is also quite heartwrenching to see a child succumb. Great joy versus great sorrow in the same field.

      As with any medical field, it requires passion and a lot of time investment. When your heart is in something, you can handle whatever disadvantages. So go for it!