• Question: wat causes infertility in human beings

    Asked by 586bm1926 to Doris on 31 May 2019.
    • Photo: Doris Nyamwaya

      Doris Nyamwaya answered on 31 May 2019:

      To be fertile one has to produce a viable ovum if female or Sperm if male that can give rise to a health foetus. Any factor that interferes with this viability leads to infertility.

      In men,
      1. production of sperms abnormally due to either genetic defects,health conditions like STIs and diabetes
      2. failure to deliver sperms could be due to premature ejaculation, testicle blockage or injury of reproductive organs
      3.Exposure to environmental conditions like smoke, drugs like cocaine, heroine, Radiation, chemotherapy among others

      In Women
      1.Ovulation disorders that affect release of ovum from ovaries. Mostly hormonal, but can be due to excessive exercise, eating disorders or injury
      2. Abnormal cervix or uterus either presence of growths like fibroids,
      3. Inflammation of fallopian tubes mostly due to STIs
      4.Early menopause
      5. Auto immune diseases and poorly managed Diabetes
      6. Drug use e.g alcohol