• Question: what motivates you to get your goals

    Asked by 698bm1926 to Peter on 30 May 2019.
    • Photo: Peter Macharia

      Peter Macharia answered on 30 May 2019:

      Hi @698bm1926, Thank you for your question.

      I am motivated to good for the community and give back to it each day I wake up. I am a victim of post-election violence( 3 times) and have schooled through a children’s home, government loans and several scholarships. The community has given so much up until now for me to be educated and have a better life. If I can then make the society a better place for the vulnerable I will sleep a happy person. This motivates me daily. you can read more here http://discover.jkuat.ac.ke/alumni-of-the-year-eng-dr-peter-macharia/