• Question: What is geomatic engineering

    Asked by 225bm1926 to Peter on 31 May 2019.
    • Photo: Peter Macharia

      Peter Macharia answered on 31 May 2019:

      it’s also called geospatial Engineering. Its a discipline involved with spatial information. It is very well established in developed countries did not start long in Kenya like 20 years ago. it has main fields as mapping sciences, land management, geographic information systems, geodesy, photogrammetry, remote sensing, cartography, coding and surveying.

      You can work almost anywhere like in Goggles maps, ministry of health, environment, finance, roads, mining. People use it daily in Uber and Taxify, looking for shorter route via a vehicle, navigation in ships and planes etc

      Offered at JKUAT, UoN, TuK, Dedan Kimathi. It’s a 5 years course